Your physician will discuss your procedure with you and will schedule the surgical appointment. Unless explicitly instructed by your surgeon, all patients must visit the center one week before surgery to complete preadmission documentation and perform any required pre-surgical testing ordered by the surgeon.

Please follow these important guidelines to prevent the delay or cancellation of your surgery:

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the day of surgery.  This includes chewing gum, mints or the use of tobacco products.
  • Any prescription medications should be taken on the day of surgery with a small sip of water unless instructed otherwise.
  • If you develop a fever or cough, or if you experience any other change in a medical condition, call your physician promptly.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment or are delayed, please contact the surgery center.

For more specific instructions, please consult the center’s pre-surgical instructions.


Upon arriving at the time requested by your surgeon, you will check in with the receptionist and wait briefly on-site until a member of our staff calls for you to move to the pre-operative holding area.  No more than two people should accompany a patient to the center and, if possible, it is preferable for small children to be entrusted to the care of family or friends who do not come with the patient to the center.

Once brought to the pre-operative area, your medical information will be reviewed by both a nurse and your surgeon. Depending upon the procedure you are having, an anesthesiologist also may speak with you, and an IV may be started.  Once properly prepared and sedated, members of the surgical team will escort you to the surgical suite for your procedure.

When your procedure is complete, you will be guided to a recovery bay and carefully monitored until you are fully alert.  At the appropriate time, we will invite a family member or friend to be with you to assist with your discharge. The length of time your family member must wait to see you varies with each patient and procedure.


For most procedures you will be ready to leave the Surgery Center within two hours following completion of your surgery.  Every patient will receive specific discharge instructions, both verbal and written, before leaving.

Every patient must arrange transportation home, as you will not be allowed to drive yourself, regardless of your procedure. It also is important that you have someone stay with you for the first 24 hours following surgery.  Follow your physician's orders regarding activity, diet and medication, and contact your physician if you feel you experience problems after discharge.  A member of the center’s staff also will contact you after discharge to check your progress and answer any questions you may have.